Stop Cambridge Road Closures

This petition has been organised by the Liberal Democrats in support of the campaign by residents and businesses in and around Cambridge to stop the City Deal’s road closure proposals.

The closures are planned for weekday peak hours at East Road, Coldhams Lane, Mill Road, Hills Road, Queen’s Road and Grange Road.


There is widespread concern that this forced change in travel patterns will profoundly change day-to-day life for many residents, businesses and commuters in Greater Cambridge and further afield. Some journeys will be effectively impossible and others will be displaced onto other already congested streets, such as Newmarket Road and Barton Road - not to mention the A14 and M11.

The impact of this plan on people’s quality of life and on the economy and environment is totally unacceptable. And these problems will be all the worse because the City Deal has not come up with a plan for funding the accessible and affordable bus service that is desperately needed inside and outside the city.

Public consultation

People are also angry that this huge change is to be imposed without a full public consultation (with notification to every household). It’s just not good enough to act first and ask afterwards.

Clearly, congestion does need tackling, but other options do exist. These have been presented to the City Deal but have been discarded without good reason. This is wrong – the public must be given the chance to weigh the pros and cons of every serious option.  

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